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Pitcrew Car Service Reviews

Siddharth GURGAON

  7 months ago

Excellent service and service cost very low. Technical manpower, clean workshop, Quality work and washing.

Preeti NOIDA

  7 months ago

Done standard service for my Alto car with the help of Alka in Noida. Over all service is good and do not observe any problems after service.

Prince Sinha FARIDABAD

  7 months ago

Recently gave my car for a car service to their workshop in Faridabad The car was serviced properly like an authorized dealership. The Invoice was including GST just like authorized dealership while the bill amount was about 25% cheaper than authorized workshop

Rakesh Mehta JODHPUR

  7 months ago

I totally trust in Pitcrew coz they know how to give customer satisfaction. They provide awesome service in low price

Raj Kumar JAIPUR

  7 months ago

One of the best place to furbish the car to as good as new ones.

Jaitesh DELHI

  7 months ago

GOOD WORK DONE Happy with the service received. They're honest and up-front about the prices and they've always completed the work to my complete satisfaction with timely delivery Thanxxx

Somanth Sinha CHANDIGARH

  7 months ago

Good service, good price. Work was finished way faster than I expected it to be. Nice staff and up-to-date system for taking car and customer info.

Pushpraj Thakkar GURGAON

  7 months ago

Best service in market for cars, recently serviced my swift. Very professional and stick to the time

Kamal srivastava GHAZIABAD

  7 months ago

Very cooperative and awesome guys.Nice to get serviced from Pitcrew. Would like to come again and again.

Subhratoy DELHI

  7 months ago

I came to know about Pitcrew from Facebook. I arranged a comprehensive service for my car. The staff came home, took the car, serviced it, and delivered it in the mentioned time frame. The most interesting part was getting direct update


  7 months ago

Very good service, mechanics and staff is extremely friendly and polite

Mohd. Aamir LUCKNOW

  7 months ago

The professionalism and quality of service that I experienced is very refreshing.


  7 months ago

Very Good Workshop for Car service with amazing good offers, as we have all access here. This is so easy to get done and the service by them is great.

Faheem NOIDA

  7 months ago

5 stars for their good work and honesty

Manish Tyagi GHAZIABAD

  7 months ago

I got a great and genuine car service here. Thats was the best place for car service. All types of tools & machines was available


  7 months ago

To my surprise they are better than authorized service station, transparent, fair and economical. Car looked nicely greased and oiled after service. This is my first servicing with them and a pleasant one


  8 months ago

Efficient and economical are right words for Pitcrew car services.


  8 months ago

My Renault Duster 2012 had been showing problems from an year. Tried Pitcrew, very professional and reasonably priced. Good, high quality work done.


  8 months ago

I had given my car for servicing after taking a quotation from my branded service provider... I got better service and at almost half the cost


  8 months ago

Have been driving since 1996 and have given my car for service umpteen number of times. This time I decided to go for Pitcrew instead of Maruti Showroom Service. I will never repent on my decision. Excellent service centre, very economical and cost effective

Contact Information

+91 9069 0064 20 / 21 / 22


Pitcrew Franchise Program

Pitcrew is aprofessionally driven network of multi brand car service centers across India. We enable existing and new car service and repair workshops to manage their business and navigate successfully in the age of hyper digitalization where consumers ask for much more than just a no frills neighborhood car workshop.

Pitcrew in 2019 had over 50 car service stations across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jodhpur and Indore etc. We aim to have a network of 1000+ car workshops across 300+ cities in India.

Pitcrew through its network of car workshop franchise partners ensures that the customer gets the best of both worlds:

Personalized approach of a neighborhood car repair shop

  • • Affordable car repairs
  • • Quick and personalized service from a technical specialist
  • • Round the clock availability

Standardization and systematic care offered through a wide car workshop network

  • • Convenience of Booking through Mobile App, Website, Call Center
  • • Tracking vehicle history through digitally managed invoices & estimates
  • • Spare Part availability through a well-managed spare part supply chain
  • • Standardized Pricing
  • • Vehicle Pickup & Drop Assistance
  • • Round the clock support across the country

Through its differentiated approach Pitcrew workshop network enables customers to save up to 40%in car service and repair costs compared to an authorized service center.

Why Become a Pitcrew Workshop Franchise Partner

In an increasingly digital world, just having a car service station no longer ensures business success. Car service and repairs are invariably high value expenses for any consumer.Before deciding who the right multi brand workshop is for him / her, a lot of research is done online.In a span of few minutes a customer can explore various options of car garages available online. Thus, despite having a fancy store front - a car garage owner is subjected to competition even before the customer sets foot out of their house.

In order to win a customer online an automobile workshop will have to demonstrate qualities like:

  • • Reliability
  • • Trustworthiness
  • • Affordability
  • • Convenience

and much more. Showcasing all these traits online without speaking to a customer is increasingly becoming a challenge for even the well established players.

Pitcrew through its digital first approach has been able to build assets which provide consumers a reliable platform to understand their car’s problem and explore possible solutions. They also get connected to affordable and trustworthy workshop network even if the workshop is not closeby.

By becoming a Pitcrew Franchise Partner, you as a car workshop owner get access to:

  • • Zero Effort Customer Inflow
  • • Centrally Managed Call Center helping grow your business
  • • Spare Part availability across India
  • • Pitcrew Developed Digital Systems [Order Booking, Invoicing, Service History, Online Payments]
  • • Marketing Expertise ensuring that your business is driven to success

Pitcrew also provides its workshop network with its flagship dealership (workshop) management system which helps a workshop become truly digital. The Pitcrew WMS is a simple and smart workshop management system which is designed by experienced professionals to manage your workshop with ease even without you being physically available at the workshop. The workshop owner can easily manage daily operations with ease and in the most efficient manner.

Pitcrew WMS provides features like:

  • • Maintain Service History of Customers
  • • Invoicing Platform for car workshops
  • • Payment Collection
  • • Automated Payment Reminders for overdue payments
  • • Business Reporting
  • • Employee Attendance
  • • Intelligent CRM for all customers
  • • Spare part prices for over 2 Lakhs spares
  • • Payment Reconciliation
  • • GST compliant invoices and quick GST filing
  • • Profit & Loss Management

What support does Pitcrew provide to Workshop Franchise Partners?

Pitcrew aims to empower small car workshop owners to develop a professionally driven business that is profitable and easy to handle.

Pitcrew provides the following to itsfranchise partners:

  • • Strong Brand Association – Brand usage license
  • • Zero Cost centralized call center for generating more business
  • • Full Marketing support
  • • Spares Supply Chain
  • • Support for Cashless insurance claim facility
  • • Workshop Infrastructure upgrade support
  • • Technology Support
  • • Online Visibility
  • • World Class Collaterals and Printing Materials
  • • Technical trainings to mechanics
  • • Regular business from corporate and B2B clients

Pitcrew Training Program for Car Workshop Partners

Pitcrew provides meticulous trainings to entrepreneurs and business owners who have their car workshop or are planning to start a new car workshop. We provide new entrepreneurs business training to ensure that they are deeply rooted in the automobile repair business and understand its intricacies well. The entrepreneurs get certified by Pitcrew Institute For Workshop Owners.

Apart from business training, Pitcrew also provides technical trainings to workshop staff which includes mechanics, electricians, denters and painters. They are trained on new age processes to ensure that the staff is well prepared to handle complex automobile repairs. Pitcrew also helps workshop owners to hire new staff through its employee management the development program.

Pitcrew is an innovation driven organization and is working to redefine the automobile service and maintenance space. Partnering with us ensures that you get the advantage of implementing path breaking ideas and explore profitable business opportunities before they become mainstream.

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