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Brake replacement will cost you a labour between Rs. 300 to 600*. Brakes may cost between Rs. 1,000 to 10,000 depending on the car brand and model. In some case brake disc replacement is also required to fully resolved brake issues.

*T&C Apply

Suspension has many parts and components. Labour charges for replacement of suspension parts will cost between Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000*
*T&C Apply

Labour charges for replacement of clutch is between Rs. 2,000 to 5,000* depending on the brand and model. This includes labour charges for replacement of clutch plate, pressure plate, bearing, flywheel and clutch cylinder or clutch wire.
*T&C Apply

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Car Repair in Chennai – Ultimate Money Saving Guide

Car repairs can be tricky and difficult to assess. Pitcrew offers wide variety of car repairs in Chennai at its car service centers across your city. Following are the major car repairs that are carried out at our car workshops in Chennai:

  • • Custom Car Repairs
  • • Brake Pad Replacement
  • • Car Transmission / Clutch Replacement
  • • Suspension Repairs
  • • Shocker Repairs
  • • Car Air Conditioning Repairs
  • • Electrical Repairs
  • • Car Engine Overhaul
  • • Car Dent Paint

Here is a quick guide to understand car repairs better.

To best understand the scale of damage and the amount of time and money a car repair will take in Chennai, we recommend a customer to consider the following 6 questions:

  • • What is the scale of car repair that you plan to undertake?
  • • How much time will it take for the required car repair?
  • • How much cost is associated with the car repair Chennai?
  • • Can car repair work be done under Insurance or warranty in Chennai?
  • • Where to carry out the car repair work?
  • • Is there any warranty for the car repair work carried out?

Let us take some time to answer each of these questions related to your car repair need:

The Scale of Car Repair - in Chennai

You need to understand how major or minor car repair is it?

Let us classify car repairs into minor and major categories:

Minor Car Repairs

If the repair is about a small broken belt, a fused bulb, discharged battery, punctured tyre, car radio, broken wiper – prefer visiting your nearest local car mechanic to get the issue resolved. This will help you save time and does not risk your car much.

NOTE: Many a times, customers normally classify an engine coolant leak or engine oil leak as a minor car repair issue and gets them fixed by a car repair mechanic. The solution is normally a top-up of coolant / oil. This puts your car under extreme risk as the local mechanic repairing the car fails to identify the root cause of the leak which if ignored can result in a major car breakdown and will require a major car repair.

Major Car Repairs

If the car repair is related to car engine, car AC, gear box, clutch, suspension, brakes, electrical faults, dent paint. These car repairs require a good trained car repair mechanic along with highly sophisticated electronic equipment. We suggest visiting a fully equipped car service center with a trained team of car mechanics. They will not only identify the root cause of the issue, but will also ensure that the issue does not persist in future.

Time Required for Car Repair

Since time is money, so every day lost in car repair can become heavy either this way or that way. Generally car insurance claim repair takes more time than getting the car repaired on own. Time to get your car repaired is also dependent on the availability of spare parts at the workshop in Chennai.

If the time taken to repair a car is more than 1 day, never rely on a local roadside car mechanic. Prefer visiting a fully equipped car service center near Chennai. If the multi brand car service station in your Chennai is actually repairing the worn out parts, then you should ask no more questions and choose them. All authorized service stations are notorious of replacing parts even when they can be repaired as one key metric they assess their workers on is the number of cars they work and close every day.

Cost Associated with Car Repair

Cost of car repairs play a very big role in choosing the right car workshop near Chennai. Normally multi brand car workshops like Pitcrew are able to repair the parts rather than outright replacement of parts and hence they become very lucrative compared to an authorized service station. In case the costs are close by, we suggest you to go with an authorized service station in case the vehicle is still under manufacturer warranty.

Car Repair under Insurance Claim or Manufacturer Warranty

There are certain types of car repairs which can be covered under the cashless insurance claim facility of your insurance provider. If the car repairing bill is huge go ahead and put a claim under insurance at a car repair garage in Chennai.Choose a car workshop which has the cashless insurance claim facility available and is well known for handling cashless claims in Chennai.

If the vehicle is relatively new, in some instances the car repair work can be carried out under the manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty can only be claimed at an authorized service station in Chennai. If the car manufacturer agrees to process your car repair under the warranty, choose from the authorized service center as it saves many bucks for you.

Where to Carry out Car Repair

Now after assessing all the points above, it will be much easier to choose the right car repair partner for your car.

How to save money during car repair?

You can save lots of money if you opt for repairing parts rather than changing them. Authorized workshops in Chennai always believe in changing parts even if they could be easily repaired. We here at pitcrew understand this very well and suggest our clients accordingly for repair of parts (If possible).

Warranty on Car Repair Work in Chennai

One very important thing to assess is the warranty that the car workshop is willing to offer on the car repair work that it has carried out. Generally all Pitcrew car garages in Chennai offer 15 – 180 days of warranty on the car repairs that are carried out by them. On the contrary, and against general consumer perception – the authorized workshops in Chennai do not offer any sort of warranty on car repairs carried out.

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