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Product Name Price Estimate
Car Basic AC Service 409   -   633
Car AC Gas Top up 819   -   1268
Car AC Gas Top up 983   -   1522
Car AC Gas Top up 1229   -   1903

Car Basic AC Service

409   -   633

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Car AC Gas Top up

819   -   1268

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Car AC Gas Top up

983   -   1522

Tax Included

Car AC Gas Top up

1229   -   1903

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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic car AC service is carried for Rs. 500*. It includes AC filter cleaning, exterior radiator flushing, AC gas pressure check. If you are going for general car service with Pitcrew, we carry the basic AC service for FREE.

*T&C Apply

Basic car AC service helps in the removing dust and debris from the AC ducts and filters. It ensures long life of the vehicle. Prefer getting your car AC service done once a year or during your regular car service

AC compressor cost depends on the type of car, but a general estimate will be between Rs. 15K – 25K*
AC Cooling coil normally costs between Rs. 3 to 5K. Cooling coil replacement requires removal of dashboard which may cost additional Rs. 2 to 3K labour charges.
*The prices mentioned are tentative and varies based on brand and model of the car

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Car AC Service & Repair in Hyderabad

Pitcrew offers the most comprehensive car ac services across Hyderabad. We have a team of trained car ac mechanics who can diagnose the issue well and quickly resolve car air conditioning related problems. Our network of car garages in Hyderabadare close by and you can easily find a car ac mechanic near me in Hyderabad.

Our technicians have experience in repairing air conditioning systems of all Asian, American and European cars.

Our Car Air Conditioning service and repairs in Hyderabad include:

Car AC Service

  • • Comprehensive AC Service with cooling coil cleaning
  • • Car Radiator Cleaning
  • • Ac gas topup
  • • Car AC Gas Refilling

Car AC Repair

  • • AC cooling coil cleaning or replace
  • • AC Compressor replace and repair
  • • Expansion valve replace
  • • Radiator Leakage fix
  • • New Radiator Installation
  • • Radiator fan check
  • • AC Condenser check and replace
  • • Condenser fan check and cleaning
  • • Blower fan check and replace
  • • Check for belts and hoses
  • • Electrical check for wiring faults

New Car AC Installation

Common Car AC Problems

Here are common car AC problems for which you may require services from our expert car ac mechanics in Hyderabad :

  • • AC gas leakage resulting in less ac cooling
  • • Pungent or bad odors in car interiors due to ineffective air conditioning
  • • Condenser or Cooling Coil blockage due to dirt or debris
  • • Non-working compressor
  • • Defective AC valves

Pitcrew Car AC Services

Our service centers in Hyderabad are equipped with latest car ac equipment to identify and diagnose your car ac related problem. Pitcrew offers very attractive car AC service and repair packages with basic Car AC service in Hyderabadstarting from Rs. 500. Our AC gas topup and refill prices are very fair.

Free AC Checkup with regular service in Hyderabad

We offer absolutely free Air conditioning checkup during car service. This includes nitrogen filled AC gas leakage test as well

Faulty AC Compressor

AC Compressor is a vital component in Air Conditioning system, we use Genuine OEM / OES AC compressors only. Our prices for AC Compressor change are very competitive as compared to authorized service center in Hyderabad.

AC Gas Leakage

Only a trained and experienced mechanics can work on car AC system, identification of AC gas leakage is not an easy task; many a time the AC gas leakage is so minor that it may take hours only to identify the location of puncture.

Car AC Not Working

There can be multiple reasons behind car AC not working, it could be a faulty compressor, or AC gas leakage, or Low AC gas, or lack of coolant, or radiator fan not working properly, or combined faults. To diagnose the exact problem, our car ac mechanics in Hyderabad can inspect the vehicle and diagnose the issue and provide a solution.

We are among the best car ac repair centers in Hyderabad. Car AC repairs can be daunting on the pocket. Our sincere recommendation to our customers is to get AC problems rectified at the earliest. Early resolution as per our experience is relatively cheap while if air conditioning problems are ignored then it affects the ac compressor and ac condenser which costs a bomb.

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