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Frequently Asked Questions

Minor car scratches get removed through car rubbing process while major scratches may get faded. Car rubbing and polish enhances the shine and gloss of the car while removing minor scratches.

Exterior car rubbing and polish starts from Rs. 1,500 inclusive of all taxes.

Car rubbing and polishing includes exterior car rubbing for removing minor scratches of the car and fading any major scratches. It also includes full exterior car wash and polishing of the car is carried out in the end.
We normally use 3M or equivalent products for car rubbing and polish.

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Car Rubbing Polish – Ultimate Remedy to Car Scratches

You must have observed small car scratches, swirls or stone marks on the top layer of car paint caused by animals, birds and bushes. If these scratches are very minor and have not removed the paint completely but are on the top most layer of the car paint. Such car scratches can easily be restored by car rubbing and car polish services.

Many a times we see small paint spots on cars which were caused because the car was parked close to a building which was getting wall painted. Such paint spots on cars can also be removed by getting your car rubbed with a good rubbing compound. Pitcrew car service centers use 3M rubbing compounds only.

People misunderstand car polish with car rubbing, and hence get their cars polished without rubbing, and are left disappointed. Car polish is done using car wax polish (we prefer to use best wax - 3M car polish) which adds a waxy layer to your car paint which ultimately smoothens the surface and provide excellent shine. The main reason why people fell disappointed when they avail polishing without rubbing is, the car surface does get the shine because of polish but the scratches and spots on the car are still intact. It is the car rubbing process which ensures that the scratches are removed and the paint is intact.

Car Rubbing Polish – Key Questions

1. How often should I avail car rubbing polish?

Generally speaking car rubbing polish should be done once a year. As highlighted earlier if the car doesn’t have scratches – only car polish along with washing can be done to have good shine on car.

2. What products do we use during car rubbing polish?

We use world class best products like 3M car polish and 3M rubbing compound to ensure the best quality. Our car service workshops are equipped will industrial grade high powered rubbing buffer machines.

3. How much time does it take?

Car rubbing polish takes around 2 hours in total.

4. Will all car scratches get removed using the car rubbing?

Minor car scratches get removed using through car rubbing process while major scratches may get faded.

5. Is car detailing service same as car rubbing polish?

Car detailing is a more comprehensive service which includes interior car dry cleaning as well as exterior car cleaning or car rubbing polish. Simply put, car rubbing polish is a subset of car detailing services.

6. Do you provide car polishing kit for personal use?

Our car workshops keep industrial grade products which are procured in bulk. We do not provide car polishing kits for retail use. Retail quality car polishing kit can be procured from a car accessories store near you.

Car Rubbing Polish Process

1. Clean car surface

Firstly the car surface is cleaned with water or is wiped with some neat wet cloth to remove the dust particles present on the surface, this prevents further adding scratches while using buffing machine.

2. Car Rubbing

Now we start with the car rubbing process using a rubbing compound and buffing wheel, this will remove the dirt, spots and scratches from the paint surface. Paint will be evened out and the scratches will be removed.

3. Car Wash

After buffing, the car is properly soap washed to remove the buffing cream from the car. This ensures that all dirt is fully removed from the exterior of the car

4. Car Polish

Finally the car is wax polished and wiped manually with a clean cloth till a good reflective surface is achieved. This final layer of polish helps prevention from water, dust and minor scratches

Myths about car rubbing polish

Car rubbing and polishing can never treat a surface from where the ultimate layer of paint is also removed. It works miracles on the lighter scratches which are only on the top most layer of the paint. This simply means that for deep scratches, the rubbing polish process will not remove the scratch completely. It may face out the scratch though.

How to identity the depth of scratch

1. Move your finger nail over the scratch, if your nail get stuck inbetween the scratch then the scratch is major and rubbing that scratch won’t help, while is the nail doesn’t get stuck on the scratch then the rubbing should be of great help.

2. Throw some water on the scratch, if the scratch vanishes moment the water was thrown over the scratch rubbing should be able to fix that scratch.

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