5 Common Car AC Problems and Repairs

If the car’s air conditioning suddenly stops working it can ruin your day. You’ll definitely not tolerate a confined, cramped car. Use our guide to identify and inspect common car AC problems and repairs. Car air conditioner troubleshooting tips that can come handy. If you have been facing the following issues with the car: •  […]

Drive Safely Night

6 Tips to Drive Safely at Night. #3 is an eye opener

There is no doubt that traveling in the daytime is a far safer choice, particularly in India. Yet it doesn’t mean you don’t or can’t drive safely at night. Circumstances may arise and you have to drive at night. So, what rules for driving at night can keep you safe? Here are the 6important tips[…]

Car Not Starting

5 Common Reasons of Car Not Starting

Sometimes, several car owners are totally confused when their precious car abruptly fails to start. You turn the key, just to find that your reliable car won’t start over. You attempt a couple of times; still, nothing turns. What’s happening? Here are the top 5 reasons why the car won’t start. 5 common reasons of[…]


Is it Worth to Buy an Extended Warranty for Car?

So, you’re purchasing a car and the salesman requests if you’d like an extended warranty for your car, however, will it be worth an investment? Many people often reach out to us with puzzling questions like: •    Is it Worth to Buy an Extended Warranty for Car? •    Should I buy extended warranty on new[…]


How to Repair Rust on a Car

A dark brown spot on the cover, a bubble in the paint at the rear of a door, suddenly drenched floors after driving through a puddle, are signs of the rust. Here we discuss more about how to repair rust on a car. Rust is a terrifying word as the vast majority think it flags[…]

Hacks to Remove Car Scratches

Hacks to Remove Car Scratches

Finding a scratch mark whether on yournew car can throw you into a frustration mood. But some DIY techniques can be life saver. Here are some quick hacks to remove car scratches. We will help you understand how to fix car scratches yourself. Scratches are unavoidable, your car is going to suffer a chip or[…]

Engine Coolant

3 Primary Causes of Engine Coolant Leakage

Your car’s cooling system is vital to maintaining an optimal temperature of the engine. An engine coolant leakage in your car can result in severe engine damage. Here we talk about 3 primary causes of engine coolant leakage: •   Defective Radiator Top / Cap •   External Coolant Leak •   Internal Coolant Leak The coolant repository[…]


Five Ways to Save Serious Money on Car Repairs

Everyone apparently likes their hard-earned money. You would presumably spend it for fun shopping rather than wasting on car repair. Here are five ways to save serious money on car repairs. So, follow these car safety measures: •   Frequently check liquid levels (Engine Oil, Coolant, Brake Oil, Steering Oil, Gear Oil) •   Do not disregard[…]