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Best Car Service Center in Bangalore - Ultimate tips to find right Car Garage in Bangalore

"Your car is a bit old now and are giving some issues, but you dread visiting an authorized service center as they charge hefty bills for even basic repairs" – How often have this thought come to your mind?

As a car owner, one wants a reliable car garage in Bangalore which is affordable, trustworthy and is available when you need them. Your car related needs vary time to time. Regardless of whether your vehicle got damaged due to an accident or there is a minor car repair needed - a car workshop in Bangalore which you can rely on often comes handy.

Here are some tips you should follow to identify the right car service station in Bangalore for your regular car repair needs.

In BangaloreCar Workshops and Car Service Centers can be broken down into 4 categories.

1. Authorized Car Service Center in Bangalore

These workshops have the best infrastructure and is managed / governed by the car manufacturer. These car service stations are equipped with latest tools, a very large service delivery team. They regularly handle 100’s of cars everyday, but invariable charge a bomb whenever you visit them

2. Multi Brand Car Workshop in Bangalore

These car workshops have good quality infrastructure, computerized tools and decent car mechanic team. They offer wide variety of car service, car repairs, dent paint and insurance claims

3. Local Car Mechanic in Bangalore

These roadside car garages run as small car repair shops handled independently by a car mechanic who specializes in one or two areas

4. Mobile Doorstep Car Garage in Bangalore

These are mobile car mechanics with adequate tools and deliver car service at home. The biggest plus is convenience they offer, but offer a very limited set of services only

It is important to choose one reliable option from the above four highlighted car workshop types so that you can build a long term relationship with one of them. Building a long term relationship helps you in ensuring that the car service station is available for you and is also willing to go the extra mile for you.

Keep the following points in mind when looking to choose the right car garage partner for yourself.

Evaluate Car Garage Infrastructure

It is important to visit the car workshop and check the infrastructure they have. For your car to be handled well, it is important that the car workshop has car lifts, service bays, washing lifts, washing bays. They should preferably have paint booths if dent paint work is being carried out. Also check if the tools are in adequately available. Check if the service station has car scanner available to handle Japanese, European and American make cars.

Know the Car Garage Team

It is in your interest to know the team at the car service center to whom you would want to give your vehicle for service, repair or dent paint work. Know the service advisor and the customer care team well and try to ascertain if they will be the people who would come at your rescue when you need them badly.

Judge Skills of Car Mechanic

Get to know the car mechanics that thecar service center has, their background and experience. Your car has many components – mechanical, electrical, electronic, metallic. To repair these items you would need specialist car mechanic, car electricians, denter and painter. Mechanics who specialize in the car engine, suspension, gearbox, clutch, transmission are often required at a specialized car service station.

Car Service Center History

Know the history of the car garage. Since when have they been operational, what experience do their mechanics and service advisors have. What types of cars have they handled in the past. Try to guage at the load that they handle regularly. Choose a car workshops which has been there for at least 2 to 3 years. Do not give your car to a workshop who handle more than 15 - 20 cars daily as they may not give adequate care to your car.

Check the Car Workshop Clientele

Try to check the type of cars that the car service station services. Do they focus on end customers or their focus is on taxis and fleet owners. It is often advisable to choose a car workshop which works for end customers as they use high quality components which run for long and are more reliable.Taxis owners often tend to choose low grade components as the drivers normally mishandle the cars and car maintenance is a high recurring costfor the fleet owner.

Build Trust

It is important that you get positive energy from the people you connect to from the car service station. You should be able to instantly strike a relationship with the customer care team and the car service advisor who has connected with you.Working with a car garage should be treated as a long term relationship and you would want to stick around with the service center for long. A car mechanic / advisor is like a doctor who understands the vehicle even better when it comes back again.

When you are giving vehicle to the car workshop – it is essential that you have faith and trust in the way they operate. If you feel a bit concerned, try to clarify all the details.

Ask for Customer References and Online Ratings

Positive references from known friends and family definitely does boost up your confidence in a car service center. Apart from that, it is important to understand the garage and do some basic check on the internet. Review the car workshop profile and see online ratings and customer feedback. Also speak to the people at the garage and understand how well they connect on a personal level. It also is a good enough benchmark of the how well will the team carry out their work.

A thorough online research said that a score of over 3.5/5 (70%+) is a good enough affirmation for the any service provider.

Issue Diagnosis & Repair Estimates

Many a times you are yourself unaware of the issue. The car repair shop in Bangalore can hence save you a lot of bucks if they correctly do a diagnosis. Don’t always go about getting spare parts replaced, try asking the workshop if the existing parts can be repaired. Repairs can help you save money as compared to outright replacement.

Generally, it can be a big mistake to make assumptions about the total cost of repair. The total cost of repair at a car garage in Bangalore is dependent on whether the issue is rightly identified or not. Always ask for the written estimates before leaving your vehicle at a workshop for repair. At the end of the repair, you would have no option but to pay. It also helps you to know about the hidden costs that can hurt you in the end.

Post Repair Service Commitment - Warranty

Even after a car repair – some issues may come up later. It is very important to check with the car service center in Bangalore about the warranty of the service / repair work. Some warranty is always helpful. Always insist on the warranty for the car repair. Check with the in Bangalore workshop if they offer free pick and drop in case of any issue after repair.

Pitcrew car services provide 15 day post service resolution for services that are carried out within their car garage network in Bangalore.

Other Facilities at the Car Service Center in Bangalore

Check about other facilities at the car service station in Bangalore. Pitcrew car workshops in Bangalore offer the following facilities:

  • • 40% cheaper than Authorized Service Center
  • • Free Car Pick and Drop
  • • Credit & Debit Card payment facilities
  • • EMI payment options available
  • • All service record & car history at any Pitcrew network garage
  • • Cashless Insurance Claim – Paperwork at home
  • • Genuine Spare Parts
  • • 15 Day post service issue resolution

It is important to choose the right car workshop in Bangalore and be aware that don’t run behind offers and discounts as vehicle is a long term investment. Saving few bucks may result in heavy costs later on. Look for a trusted partner.

All Pitcrew car garages and service centers have good infrastructure, decent quality equipment and car mechanics. Our car workshops in Bangalore have latest car scanners and electronic tools. We deliver best quality services at affordable prices at our car service stations.

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