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Car Roadside Assistance in Gurgaon – Fastest Service Guaranteed

Pitcrew - Get Fast & Reliable 24x7 Roadside Assistance Services in Gurgaon -Emergency Breakdown service for your car. We provide breakdown assistance services in Gurgaon. Our services include:

  • • Battery Jumpstart
  • • New battery replacement
  • • Flat Tyre
  • • Car Towing
  • • Key lockout
  • • Repair services

Because of our large and reliable multibrand workshop network in Gurgaon and neighboring towns, we are one of the most loved roadside assistance provider in Gurgaon offering 100% commitment. Our car mechanics are versatile with all Asian, European and American cars. We continuously train our mechanics in Gurgaon with various case studies for ultimate customer satisfaction.

We understand how it feels when your car goes under a breakdown when you least expected it. For then reason only we try our level best to help you ASAP be it via telephonic call or by sending a mechanic to your place in Gurgaon.

Tyre puncher repair and Battery jump start are most commonly used breakdown services availed last year in Gurgaon. We also provide new car batteries at competitive price at doorstep in Gurgaon.

How to Avail Roadside Assistance from Pitcrew in Gurgaon

  • • Call Us at +91 906 900 6420 | 21 | 22
  • • Register your SOS roadside assistance request
  • • We will allocate a car mechanic instantly Gurgaon
  • • Provide your coordinates in Gurgaonto the car mechanic
  • • Provide your coordinates in Gurgaonto the car mechanic
  • • The car mechanic from Gurgaonwill get the issue resolved

Pitcrew Roadside Assistance Advantages

  • • Quick and Reliable
  • • On call resolution assistance
  • • Access to 1000+ car mechanics in Gurgaon instantly
  • • Access to towing service providers in Gurgaon
  • • New Battery Installation in Gurgaon

Jumping a Car – Quickly re-ignite your dead battery

A car can run out of battery anytime. Jumpstart of car is the easiest of the steps, in case you can get hold of the following:

  • 1. Alternate battery source or a car
  • 2. Jumping cables

Steps to jumpstart car on your own:

  • 1. Open the Bonnett of both cars and locate the battery
  • 2. Connect the positive terminal of both batteries (i.e + SIGN or Red in Colour) – Connect using the RED coloured jumping cable
  • 3. Similarly, connect the negative terminals of both batteries ((i.e - SIGN or Black in Colour) – Connect using the BLACK coloured jumping cable
  • 4. Using the key, give a crank from your car which is dead
  • 5. The car will start and the alternator will start charging the battery
  • 6. Remove the battery jumping cables

Availing towing service for your car in Gurgaon

In case you are stuck with an accident or your car cannot start, you would definitely need help in towing your car to a nearby car garage in Gurgaon. Pitcrew has a massive network of towing cars and trucks in Gurgaon which provide car towing services instantly. Once the car reaches a Pitcrew car garage in Gurgaon, our trained mechanics can quickly identify the problem and get the same resolved.

In case you have met with an accident and the car requires insurance claim, our car workshops in Gurgaon have cashless insurance claim facilities which makes life easier. We can help you tow your vehicle to our workshop in Gurgaon where our body shop managers can help you claim insurance for the accident.

How to avail a car towing service from Pitcrew:

  • 1. Call Us at +91 906 900 6420 | 21 | 22
  • 2. Register your SOS car towing service request
  • 3. The nearest towing truck in Gurgaon will be allocated instantly
  • 4. The towing truck will assist you with easy towing

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