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Mercedes GLA Class (Panchkula)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mercedes GLA Class clutch overhaul labour price – Rs.
Mercedes GLA Class clutch plate price – Rs.
Mercedes GLA Class pressure plate price – Rs.
The prices are valid for Panchkula only.

If you want to change Mercedes GLA Class clutch plate in Panchkula, Mercedes authorized workshops will be expensive. Get clutch replacement at Pitcrew workshops in Panchkula – 5 Kms from your location.
Save over 30% on Mercedes GLA Class clutch kit replacement. Buy at best price online on our website and pay later.

Generally, Mercedes GLA Class clutch set replacement includes: clutch plate and pressure plate change.
Other items which may require change are: clutch cable/wire, release bearing / clutch cylinder, flywheel, slave cylinder and clutch oil.
Pitcrew strongly recommends replacement of gear oil during clutch overhaul for Mercedes GLA Class cars.

Clutch replacement for Mercedes GLA Class can happen on the same day. Pitcrew normally takes 4 to 6 hours for clutch change at its workshop.

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