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Frequently Asked Questions

Mercedes E Class clutch overhaul labour price – Rs.
Mercedes E Class clutch plate price – Rs.
Mercedes E Class pressure plate price – Rs.
The prices are valid for Gurgaon only.

If you want to change Mercedes E Class clutch plate in Gurgaon, Mercedes authorized workshops will be expensive. Get clutch replacement at Pitcrew workshops in Gurgaon – 5 Kms from your location.
Save over 30% on Mercedes E Class clutch kit replacement. Buy at best price online on our website and pay later.

Generally, Mercedes E Class clutch set replacement includes: clutch plate and pressure plate change.
Other items which may require change are: clutch cable/wire, release bearing / clutch cylinder, flywheel, slave cylinder and clutch oil.
Pitcrew strongly recommends replacement of gear oil during clutch overhaul for Mercedes E Class cars.

Clutch replacement for Mercedes E Class can happen on the same day. Pitcrew normally takes 4 to 6 hours for clutch change at its workshop.

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