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Ford Endeavour Spare Parts Price Estimate List

Product Name Price Estimate
Clutch Overhaul Labour 3116   -   4826
Clutch Oil (250 Ml) 287   -   444
Clutch Set With Bearing 12742   -   19735

Ford Endeavour Clutch Overhaul Labour

3116   -   4826

Tax Included

Ford Endeavour Clutch Oil (250 Ml)

287   -   444

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Ford Endeavour Clutch Set With Bearing

12742   -   19735

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Ford Endeavour

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ford Endeavour clutch overhaul labour price – Rs. 3800
Ford Endeavour clutch plate price – Rs.
Ford Endeavour pressure plate price – Rs.

Generally, Ford Endeavour clutch set replacement includes: clutch plate and pressure plate change.
Other items which may require change are: clutch cable/wire, release bearing / clutch cylinder, flywheel, slave cylinder and clutch oil.
Pitcrew strongly recommends replacement of gear oil during clutch overhaul for Ford Endeavour cars.

You can save a lot of money if clutch related problems exist in your car, provided clutch repair is carried out on time.
Clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing replacement resolves common transmission related problems for Ford Endeavour.
If ignored, flywheel replacement may be required which increases clutch repair costs by 30%.

Clutch replacement for Ford Endeavour can happen on the same day. Pitcrew normally takes 4 to 6 hours for clutch change at its workshop.

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