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Ac Filter 2132   -   3302

BMW 7 Series Ac Filter

2132   -   3302

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BMW 7 Series (Gurgaon)

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Frequently Asked Questions

BMW 7 Series ac service cost in Gurgaon starts at Rs. 500
It includes ac filter cleaning. Pressure cleaning of radiator and condenser.
AC gas leakage checks (nitrogen test)
ac blower and ac compressor check

If you want to get BMW 7 Series ac service in Gurgaon, BMW authorized workshops will be expensive.
Get ac service at Pitcrew workshops in Gurgaon – 5 Kms from your location.
Save over 30% on BMW 7 Series ac service cost.

Here are common air conditioner problems in BMW 7 Series:
1. Low AC Gas – AC gas reduces by 20% each year
2. Blocked or broken condenser causing ac gas leakage
3. Faulty compressor
4. Choked or leaking ac cooling coil
5. AC blower fan not working
6. AC switch resistor is not working
7. AC expansion valve is faulty
8. AC filter is clogged

We recommend getting your BMW 7 Series ac service every 12 months.
This will ensure that life of ac gets extended and you do not get surprised with heavy ac repair costs

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