Signs of Failing Car Suspension

Our car’s suspension system is something we usually take for granted. But, having a failed suspension can very much affect your capability to control your car. Here are some quick signs of failing car suspension: 1.  Damaged Springs 2.  Difficulty in steering car 3.  Uneven tyre treads 4.  Leaking shock absorbers Car suspension problems cost[…]


Is it Worth to Buy an Extended Warranty for Car?

So, you’re purchasing a car and the salesman requests if you’d like an extended warranty for your car, however, will it be worth an investment? Many people often reach out to us with puzzling questions like: •    Is it Worth to Buy an Extended Warranty for Car? •    Should I buy extended warranty on new[…]

Monday Morning Blues

The Curious Case of a frequently discharging car battery

There often comes interesting instances in your profession which become tough challenges to solve, but over time become interesting case studies. A very well known instance is the automobile industry is the “GM Pontaic allergy to Vanilla Ice cream”. Fairly recently, we at Pitcrew also grappled with an interesting car battery discharging challenge. One fine day[…]