What is Advised Tyre Pressure?


When your car tyres are suitably filled, the car gets better fuel mileage, the car runs more efficiently, and boosts the life of the tyres. Moreover, and essentially having proper air pressure in tyres decrease your risk of car accidents.

Fortunately, maintaining your tyres pressure is easy.

So, how to know the best air pressure for your car’s tyres?

On the newly bought car, the advised tyre pressure is most usually given on a sticker at the interior of the driver’s door. In case you can’t find the sticker on the door, you can normally find the advised pressure in the car’s manual.

However, most cars are advised to have 32 psi to 35 psi in the tyres to be checked when they are cold.

But why to check when they’re cold?

The idea behind checking tyre air pressure when they’re cold is that since tyres run by the road, friction between the road and tyres produces heat, raising both the air pressure and the temperature. So, for the highly consistent and most precise reading, always assure that the car has been on idle overnight or at least has been sitting for a couple of hours.

Also remember not to inflate tyres on the advised pressure, it is just the maximum indication to inflate tyre at the required volume. The goal is to keep the tyres neither over in flated or under inflated. As both will have negative impacts on the car.

Over inflation of the car tyres will give you a bouncy drive whereas underinflated car tyres can lead to early damage from extended friction.

Thus, to maintain the correct and consistent tyre pressure it’s always advised to get it done at the reliable car workshop like Pitcrew as they know the appropriate volume required.

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