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Scopes and Aspects of Car Repair and Car Maintenance to Assure Safety on Road

Whenever you purchase any second-hand or new car, you get a booklet that highlights details related to maintenance schedules you need to follow for your vehicle. Even though car companies today place advanced engines, you have to check the specific details of your car on a regular basis. Approaching for car repair and keeping the[…]

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The truth about flat rate repairs

It is quite common for a car owner to come across the “flat rate” term. What does the word mean? Misinformed owners often think that the term is a way to rip off the owner during a repair. However, the flat rate repairing system is an estimation and is not dishonest while dealing with interesting[…]

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Simple tips for Car Maintenance

In the rush of life, car maintenance has become a burden for the customer. It is often neglected or delayed resulting in increasing car breakdowns. It is very frustrating to see your car not working smoothly at times due to poor maintenance and negligence. The problem escalates when you are in a hurry and the[…]

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Things to check before starting your car

What: Things to check before you start driving a car. Why: You don’t enjoy being late or being stuck due to vehicle breakdown – do you? When: Every time you start the car – Or at least before the first start of the day. Skill Level: All you need is a little observation and of[…]