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Understand your car tyres

With a little explanation, you will be able to understand the numbers that are present on the walls of the tyres. It is quite common for anyone to get confused, as different models carry different wheel types and numbers. Most importantly, finding the difference and how does it affect commuting is essential. 1.  Tyre Specification:[…]

denting and painting process

Denting and Painting Process Vs Car Rubbing Polish

In most of our experience, we have been asked by our customers’ on how to choose a denting and painting process v/s a rubbing polish service. In some cases, your car gets a scratch that looks too little to for a heavy cost of a denting and painting yet too enormous to just overlook. Let’s know which procedure[…]

vehicle repair workshop

Independent Workshop Mechanic VS Vehicle Repair Workshop, What is most Appropriate?

Owning a car implies getting your vehicle repair and vehicle service done time to time at a vehicle repair workshop. People wonder quite frequently.. what kind of car repair workshop should I use for vehicle repairs, an independent workshop mechanic or a car workshop? Independent workshop mechanics are regularly known as the genuine “auto folks” as they work[…]

Car Windshield

Car Windshield Replacement

It is just a stroke of misfortune and your car windscreen can get damaged. Stray stones thrown here and there are a common cause of broken windscreen or windscreen cracks. Windshield replacement costs a bomb, and therefore, many people continue to drive their vehicle until the windshield shatters. Do you know that if you have[…]

Car Needs

Winter is coming, the Care Your Car Needs?

When the temperature goes below freezing, vehicles suffers. Automobiles, similar to individuals, don’t work in cool climate. Frosty months mean always being tormented with fogged up lights, windows, and windshields, a hazardous condition in case you’re out. You’ve to clear all ice and snow from windshields and lights for a safer drive. Major car devices[…]

car mileage

How to measure car mileage?

India is a mileage conscious country. A frequent vehicle user is worried about-how much fuel their car utilize? A huge share of our month’s spending goes towards paying fuel costs for our vehicles. Hence, you need to ensure that your car fuel mileage is good. Thus, knowing how much fuel your vehicle uses and finding[…]

car insurance

How to claim car insurance?

Claiming car insurance has several procedures, which often change according to the insurance provider that you choose. However, most of the standards are the same and have a similar approach when a customer approaches for a claim. 1.  Types of insurance Car insurance is of the following basic types a.  Zero depreciation Car Insurance or[…]