Signs of Failing Car Suspension


Our car’s suspension system is something we usually take for granted. But, having a failed suspension can very much affect your capability to control your car. Here are some quick signs of failing car suspension:

1.  Damaged Springs

2.  Difficulty in steering car

3.  Uneven tyre treads

4.  Leaking shock absorbers

Car suspension problems cost heavily on a customer’s pocket if left unattended for a long time. Always a clear sign of a suspension problem is bad suspension noise. Any suspension noise is something which should not be ignored and should be attended to begin with.

After supporting numerous rides for so many years, ultimately the car shocks will fail and suspension repair will become necessary. Yet, your vehicle has its own ways of reporting you that something is wrong within. And it must not be difficult to miss if you are paying due consideration.

Here are some of the warning signs of failing suspension –

1.  Damaged springs

The car suspension system can have a broken spring, that makes your vehicle drop on one side.

Just place your car on an even surface and put all of your weight on either the back or the front of the automobile and see how many times it will bounce before stopping. In case that it keeps bouncing more than two or three times, there is possibly an issue with your car suspension.

2.  Difficult to Steer

When your vehicle becomes difficult to steer, particularly at the low speed, the suspension system is the culprit. As your steering is connected to the suspension and both of them depend on each other to fulfill their jobs efficiently. It’s critical to give attention to the steering, the way you control your wheels.

3.  Uneven tyre treads

Inspect your tyres. Does it seem like one or more of the tires are rough, worn-out treads? Or can you notice balding spots in any tire?

Sadly, this is also a sign that your car’s suspension isn’t backing your car to run smoothly. This situation places added weight and pressure on the tires.

4.  Oily shock absorbers

When you inspect under the car, look straight at the struts or shocks. If they seem oily or greasy, there’s a genuine possibility that the fluid is leaking and henceforth, aren’t working well. It’s apparently time to get those damaged shocks replaced at Pitcrew.

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2 thoughts on “Signs of Failing Car Suspension

  • Suspension plays crucial role in the performance of the vehicle by absorbing the extreme amount of chocks generated due to rough road or due to a pothole. Driving a vehicle with damaged suspension could be very dangerous. So, signs that indicates the presence of mechanical issues in the suspension of the vehicle shouldn’t be ignored and the reason behind the appearance of such sign should be identified and repaired in time to keep the vehicle in working order.

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