Most Costly Car Repairs


Just like any other machine in the world, car also needs repair. Certain repairs are absolutely costlier than others car parts, so ultimately, all car owners will have to determine if the cost is worth investment, or better to simply buy another one.

Our list of most costly car repairs

    Engine Repair – Piston / Cylinder

    Clutch & Flywheel

•    Transmission or Gear Box

•    Suspension

Here is our list of some costliest car repairs.

    Cylinder or Piston

Cylinders are one of the main elements of your car engine. Engines are even rated by the number of cylinders in them. When a cylinder quits running, your engine also stops.

Repairing a cylinder can be like a bank, and much of the value is due to the long hours of operation and effort needed to dismantle the engine. In case you drive a very old car, opting for this repair would probably not be worth.

•    Flywheel

Trouble changing gear, sliding clutch, bizarre transmission noise on using the clutch – can be simply mistaken for a clutch issue. But it can be due to the flywheel.

Replacing the flywheel is normally suggested when replacing the clutch, as a worn clutch can usually break the flywheel, which may then break the new clutch too if not changed. And this will add more to the hefty cost.

•    Transmission

Sometimes the transmission fluid doesn’t get precise attention. In other instances, transmission fluid may get overheated.

To avoid this, you must get your transmission fluid changed every two or three years. If it gets completely worn out, the price of a new transmission can be disastrous.

•    Suspension repair

We seldom notice the suspension on our vehicle. The suspension keeps us from feeling every dip and bump while driving.

A right working suspension system has many parts: struts, shocks, springs, tie rods and control arms. So, a full suspension damage can be highly costly in terms of labor and so many parts.

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