Troubleshooting Headlight Problems


The car’s headlights are not very difficult parts, though there are a number of distinct ways that headlights can stop working. So, in case, you notice that your car headlights have suddenly failed, it’s necessary to know the sort of failure you’re handling with to fix accordingly.

General Headlights Problems and Fixes:

1.  One headlight stopped working.

Reason: This is normally caused by a fused-out bulb.

2.  High-intensity discharge headlights failed

Reason: This can likewise break because of other related car parts.

3.  Both of the headlights not working.

Reason: Bulbs normally do not burn out mutually, however, it is still necessary to duck that out by examining for power.

4.  High beam headlights and low beams don’t work.

Reason: If only single bulb stops to work in either low beam or high beam mode, the fault may be in the bulb.

5.  Headlights are dim.

Reasons: In case that your car headlights are working but they constantly look dim, the issue could be either worn out bulbs or foggy lenses.Also, when your car headlights appear to be dim on specific occasions, there could be an issue with your car’s charging system.

6.  Total headlight failures.

Reason: Headlights most of the time totally fail due to by any bad part such as a relay, fuse, or module.

Repairing a burned-out headlight is normally a simple task, however, there are situations where you might need to take the help of a proficient mechanic at Pitcrew. If you do not have certain primary tools and diagnostic devices, then you might need to consider taking your vehicle to a trained specialist.

Replacing a faulty headlight generally takes only a few minutes, though the diagnostic process may take minimum an hour, or sometimes more, in case, there is a more complex issue with the headlights.

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