5 Common Car AC Problems and Repairs


If the car’s air conditioning suddenly stops working it can ruin your day. You’ll definitely not tolerate a confined, cramped car. Use our guide to identify and inspect common car AC problems and repairs. Car air conditioner troubleshooting tips that can come handy.

If you have been facing the following issues with the car:

•    Car AC not cold enough

    Car Air Conditioner blowing hot air

    Car AC not blowing

    Car Air Conditioner not blowing cold air

Then read below to understand common car AC problems.

5 common symptoms of failing car AC system are as follows:

•    Strange Noise from AC

    Low car AC cooling

    Clogged AC Expansion Valve

    Bad odours or Smells from car AC

    AC System Leakage

Let us get in detail to understand how what these Car AC symptoms tell.

Strange noise: Noise often arises from a failing AC compressor, although a few other general causes can be the application of the wrong lubricant or a cross-contaminated refrigerant. Holes or other damaged components could further be the source of the problem. The car mechanic at Pitcrew can diagnose your AC to replace the failing part.

Low cooling: If the air conditioning is running, but is not blowing enough cool air there could be blockages or constraints in the car ac cooling coil that would prevent air from reaching over the condenser. Otherwise, if the cooling fans of the condenser aren’t running when the AC is on this could also be the reason and needs repair.

Clogged expansion valve: The expansion valve spreads the precise quantity of refrigerant to the evaporator. In case the valve is clogged, the refrigerant fails to flow into the evaporator. Hence, the refrigerant will begin to freeze and if moisture is present the valve will also freeze.

Badodours from Car AC: Fungi, bacteria, and micro-organisms can emerge when the AC system isn’t in use, particularly during winter. A right inspection and flushing of the AC system by a professional can be done to mitigate this problem.

AC system leak: Hoses and rubber seals can lose their elasticity with time and collapse letting Freon to leak and moisture to get into the car AC system. Moisture combines with refrigerant and creates a system damaging corrosive acid. It can be fixed by correcting any visible leakage or re-filling the gas in the refrigerant tanks.

Like for your air conditioners at home which are regularly serviced before use, Pitcrew advises yearly car AC service so that the car ac continues to run fine. Any significant car ac problem can set you off by a big amount. Based on our experience replacement parts in car AC are fairly expensive compared to a general car AC checkup / service. Car air conditioner repair cost can run to Rs. 5,000 – 50,000.

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