5 Frequent & Common Car Repairs Problems

Car Repairs Problems

Of course, there are automobile issues with any model of car, however, a few issues are more common within the cars. Until the point that you realize what isn’t right with your car, you don’t know whether your repair bill reaches to hundreds or even thousands. Here are some of the common problems that happen in the cars.

Oxygen Sensor Removal

Removing an oxygen sensor is a very regular repair if your car is old. Your oxygen sensor is an essential part of your exhaust system which identifies uncombusted oxygen in its system. As your vehicle ages, your oxygen sensor worn off and is regularly due for substitution after 100,000 to 150,000 kilometers of usage.

Suspension Issues

Vehicles nowadays have a delicate suspension bushing which may not work for long. Certain times with as short as 20,000km on the clock, leaking shock absorbers and whipped internal suspension bushes are seen during car repair in Delhi. Driving with this issue can put additional load on shocks and steering bushes.


At the point that car overheats, the issue is much of the time with the thermostat. The part doesn’t cost much. But driving around with a poor thermostat could destroy your entire car engine. So, it’s smarter to get this issue fixed instantly at car repair in Delhi.

Changing Ignition Coils

Ignition coils basically tell the spark plugs when to carry out their activity, and disregarding an issue with them can do genuine harm to your auto’s whole ignition system. It’s detected through a diagnostic test during car repair in Delhi.

Car bodywork problems

We see many issues with the bodywork on vehicles, for example, a rear hatch door not shutting legitimately. Additionally, car paint scratches, so, denting and painting job is required for the sake of maintenance.

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