What is Better Petrol or Diesel Car?


The discussion on buying petrol or diesel car is an age-old argument and concerns every new car customer.Determining which vehicle to buy is tricky enough and, above that, you have to decide, in the long run, which satisfies your requirements the best.

3Basic Factors are –

High-maintenance of diesel cars

Servicing or repairing a serious issue on a diesel vehicle might be somewhat costlier. Thus, costs of spare parts and servicing costs will be higher for diesel model than petrol ones. From the cost of the battery to oil replacement and clutch plate, etc. all require more investment in the case of a diesel model.

Additionally, however, the noise, vibration and harshness levels in petrol vehicles are lower than that of diesel cars.

High performance of diesel cars

A general rule, while deciding between a petrol or a diesel model is you purchase a diesel car simply if your average monthly running is on the higher side. 1,500-1,700 km per month would be deemed sufficient enough to justify buying of the diesel car.

In maximum cases, a major part of monthly car usage estimation would be because of the everyday office runs. Then there are other trips as well like weekend trips. It also relies on the city you stay in.

The low price of diesel fuel

Petrol engines give lower fuel efficiency values in contrast to the diesel models. Petrol is high-priced than diesel as well which in turn value up to the total operating cost.

After discussing all of the above sections, you can decide the best for yourself. Diesel gives benefits of better mileage and low fuel cost. However, when it comes to servicing it’ll be heavier on pockets than petrol. Hence, purchase a car after assessing your overall running cost.

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