What is the brake pad system of a car?

brake pad system

The Brake pad systems of a vehicle are the parts of disc brakes. They have a friction producing material wrapped along the surface of the brake rotor. The brake pad system is important as it helps produce thermal energy from the kinetic energy with the help of the friction so produced. The friction so caused may reduce over time and this may lead to wearing of the brake pads. Worn break pad systems do not work properly in the conversion of the energy.

Types of Wearing of the Brake pads

•   The most common form is the ever wear. It occurs usually due to brake function. The even worn brake pad systems have to be replaced. Also, the caliper guide pins may be given for servicing.

•   The next form of wearing is the outer pad wear. It should be noted that the outer pad usually has comparatively less friction causing material that in the inner pad. Such a form of worn brake pad systems occurs when the outer pad usually rides the rotor right after the caliper is seen to release. In order to correct this form of worn brake pad systems one has service the guide pins or entirely change the brake pad system.

•   Another form of wearing called the inboard wearing occurs when the caliper piston does not return to the resting place because of corrosion and damage. In order to rectify this form of worn brake pad systems inspection of the hydraulic brake along with the caliper in order to check the residual pressure is important. It is also required to check the guide pin holes for damage. In case of corrosion, the pad system has to be changed.

•   In case the friction material is damaged physically, there may be thermal distress. It can cause due to over use or problems with the hydraulic system. Worn brake bad systems in this case have to be replaced and the new pads have to break-in the correct way.

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