Ignition system as the life support of the car

Car ignition problem

The ignition system of the car is very important as it helps create high voltage from the car’s battery which is of 12 volts. It sends the amount of voltage created to each of the sparkplug thereby igniting the combustion chambers in the engine. There may be several car ignition problems and it is wise to discuss some of the most common ones. This may help find a solution if faced with such problems at any given time.

Major problems with the car ignition system

•  One of the common car ignition problem include heating up of the ignition switch as soon as the engine is started. This can occur due to broken wire of the ignition switch or any form of lose connection.

  Heating up of the ignition switch and the steering column is another common car ignition problem that can occur due to corrosion of the ignition that causes resistance.

  Difficulties with turning of the car occur due to faulty connection of the ignition switch and the lock. In such a kind of car ignition problem the car usually starts easily but turning off becomes an issue.

If the engine does not start at all, there may be a problem with the car ignition wire which does not allow the battery to provide enough current for the engine to start.

  There may be a fault with the ignition switch in case the car does not start even though the battery seems fine. Such a form of car ignition problem often seems undetectable. However, little checkup may do the job.

•  Sometimes the spark plug may not give proper or any spark at all. This may occur usually in rainy season due to the accumulation of water in the plug that prevents proper spark.

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