The cooling system for your car

cooling system car

The radiator of the car is of utter importance as it helps cool the engine and makes it run at the suitable temperature. In case there is a leak in the car radiator, the engine gets overheated making is susceptible to fire and damage. There are several reasons for a car radiator to leak, and it is advisable to check your radiator occasionally to ensure that it is working the best way possible. If not, it is essential to fix the leaks as early as possible so that the cooling system of the car is intact.

How to address a car radiator leak?

As mentioned earlier there are several reasons to have a leak in the car radiator and the best way to address this problem is to replace it. However, replacement is a permanent solution which could not be done in an emergency or for a temporary basis.  Some of the methods of car radiator leak repair for a temporary moment include-

Before going for the car radiator leak repair it is important to locate the leak first. You should know the exact position of the leak in your radiator. You can use a pressure tester to detect the leak in a jiffy.

  Once the leak is detected you can use the commercial stop leak as a method of car radiator leak repair. It is the easiest method and the fastest temporary solution

  Use of epoxy to seal the leakage is another fantastic temporary car radiator leak repair. It has to be used on the drained radiator and thus it will be sealed within few hours

  Welder or solder of the car radiator can also help fix the leakage. This technique work well for copper, aluminum or brass car radiators.

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