Is it Worth to Buy an Extended Warranty for Car?


So, you’re purchasing a car and the salesman requests if you’d like an extended warranty for your car, however, will it be worth an investment? Many people often reach out to us with puzzling questions like:

•    Is it Worth to Buy an Extended Warranty for Car?

    Should I buy extended warranty on new car in India

•    Pros and cons of extended car warranties

    Are extended car warranties worth it for new cars

Now, maximum new cars come with an extended warranty that includes almost every element on the car for minimum 3 years and extending to 5 years. The third-party companies and car dealers also offer extended warranties that prolong coverage for a higher period of time. But are extended warranties a right deal?

Consider these questions before finalizing your decision of Is it worth to buy an extended warranty for car:

Are you as of now under warranty?

You must determine till when you’ll keep your vehicle. In case that your vehicle accompanies a guarantee of three years, and you intend to resale it in three years, you’re as of now secured.

When you’re obtaining a used car with a warranty that has ended and you plan to drive the auto for quite a long time, an extended warranty agreement would ensure you against the obscure auto history and its obscure danger leading to costly repairs.

Who is the organization behind the extended warranty?

Some are supported by the car’s manufacturer, while others are administered by a third party (these are normally post-retail warranties). While manufacturer service agreements are typically evaluated higher and offer more regarding integrity, reseller’s warranty alternatives are the less expensive of the two.

Do you know what’s covered in warranty?

Several wear-and-tear parts, things that will in the end destroy aren’t covered in the most car extended warranty.

To twist matters significantly further, many warranty contracts come in coverage levels, each with its own particular cost and tier of inclusion. Give proper time to read the fine print to figure out what is and isn’t covered.

You should likewise consider: Do you need to pay a little deductible for repairs? Or are the repairs completely covered? Or on the other hand, do you need to pay for the repairs in advance and get refunded later?

Extended warranty in any car comes with a lot of terms and conditions which should be well understood before putting in the extra bucks. Most warranties businesses are stitched to earn profits and works on consumer fear. In certain conditions, the presented terms and conditions are so strict that one can never abide them, in such a scenario extended warranty does not make any sense as a consumer.

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