Remove love bugs from your car glass

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Everyone knows it is a summer season in Delhi; it is also the season of Love Bugs, the tiny and creepy insects. And guess what their favorite place is windshield of your car. If you don’t know these tiny insects are full of acid which can actually damage your car’s glass and sometime paint too, which lead you to car service in Delhi.

Here are some useful tips to prevent from Love Bugs.

o   Wash your windshield

The best way to prevent Love Bugs is to wash your windshield, regularly. By any chance you can’t wash your car; you can just wash that specific area where you can find these insects. Make sure you wash your windshield thrice in a week. When you go to any gas station, free windshield tools are available and you can clean your windshield there only.

o   Never use wipers to remove Love Bugs

If you see any bugs on your glass don’t try to remove it with your wipers because while doing that you will kill the bug and there will be acid blood on the glass. You will probably damage the wipers and also scratch the glass. By any chance you have damaged your wiper you can get your car service in Delhi.

o   Getting car waxed

Getting your car waxed is the last option yet helpful for you. Rather than cleaning insects from your glass, get your car waxed. By doing this Love bugs will not stay on your glass for longer also it will keep them away from car’s paint too. The most important reason to get your car waxed is your glass surface gets slippery which keep them away from your car.

Therefore! Don’t let your car’s paint and glass damaged by Love Bugs.

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