Know the difference between battery and alternator

battery alternator

When you put the key in the ignition and turn the key you will see a warning sign on the dashboard. When you again turn the key to start and the car won’t start then you have a dead battery issue or may be an alternator issue. But is the real issue with battery or the alternator. Who should be blamed?

If somebody has a limited knowledge of how cars work, it can leave you feeling worried. Don’t worry, Pitcrew is always ready to help their customers, you can bring your car to the garage and get your car repaired and also learn basic parts of your car, like batteries and alternators—two of the main parts blamed for failed car startups.

    Warning signs which show your car battery is dead

If you drive only for 10 mins, then you are not giving your battery the charge it need for working. If your car doesn’t start then these are the following signs which show your battery is dead.

•    Car headlights remain dim

•    Clicking noise when you turn the key

    Vehicle engine cranks slowly, won’t start


•    Car won’t start after sitting idle overnight

•    Car won’t start unless you give it gas / accelerator

If you are experiencing these warning signs, there is a high chance your battery is dying.

    Signs shows you have a failing alternator

You start your day perfectly normal, but your car might get shut down in the middle of the road. This is the time when you are having problem with your alternator. There are some signs of a bad alternator which you should take a look into.

•    Alternator warning light is on.

    Car shutting down shortly after being jumped

•    Car’s electronic operations (radio, headlights) weaken while driving

•    Headlights dimming more than usual

•    The smell of hot wires, caused by a reduced electrical current

•    A whining noise from the engine, a result of a crank shaft belt is about to give in

When you experience any of these problems, get it serviced at nearby car garage.

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