5 Common Reasons of Car Not Starting

Car Not Starting

Sometimes, several car owners are totally confused when their precious car abruptly fails to start. You turn the key, just to find that your reliable car won’t start over. You attempt a couple of times; still, nothing turns. What’s happening? Here are the top 5 reasons why the car won’t start.

5 common reasons of car not starting are:

    Dead Battery

    Broker Starter

•    Faulty Ignition Switch

    Faulty Spark Plugs

•    Faulty Alternator

    No Engine Compression

We often get questions varying from:

1.    Why is my car cranking but not starting?

2.    Car won’t start but lights come on

3.    Car won’t start but has power

4.    My car cranks but won’t start

5.    Car won’t start but battery is good

Beneath most of these questions is the inherent fear that an expensive car repair is just around the corner. Well they are not entirely wrong, though there are ways to identify what is the exact cause of the problem.

A bunch of common culprits for why your car probably won’t start are listed below.5 Common Reasons of Car Not Starting explained in detail

Battery- If your battery is dead then your car won’t start. In case that you turn the key and literally nothing follows – no lights or anything – then it is definitely a dead battery. In some cases when the key is turned, lights and radio continue to operate but the car still does not start. In many such cases, the battery is weak and may require full charging or an external jump start.

Starter-A broken starter is another common reason your vehicle won’t begin. As the name suggests, the starter gives the turning power important to get everything running to begin the engine. When you hear a clicking sound as you endeavor to start your car, a broken or debilitated starter could be a faulty part.

Ignition switch – Like the starter, a damaged or broken ignition switch can prevent your vehicle from start running. In case that your car headlights can turn on but car won’t start, that implies that your battery is charged, though the ignition switch is the main issue. Try getting a car jump started and see if the run the car for some kms for the battery to charge fully through the alternator.

Spark Plugs – When your car battery is working, the fuel is streaming to the engine, and the starter is great, at that point the spark plugs might be the concern if your car is not able to start. This would be the best circumstance since spark plugs are basic and reasonable to get changes at car workshop Pitcrew.

Alternator: A faulty alternator is also a good reason for car not starting. The car battery depends on the alternator to charge it regularly. In case the alternator becomes faulty, the car battery does not get charged and eventually dies out resulting in car not starting even after cranking. Get the car alternator looked at a car repair workshop like pitcrew

Compression – When an engine is diagnosed to have powerless or no compression your car won’t start. An absence of compression could be the aftereffect of a hole in one of the engine chambers, worn piston rings, or bowed engine valves. The car’s engine may need modifying or an entire substitution if the damage is severe.

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