How to claim car insurance?

car insurance

Claiming car insurance has several procedures, which often change according to the insurance provider that you choose. However, most of the standards are the same and have a similar approach when a customer approaches for a claim.

1.  Types of insurance

Car insurance is of the following basic types

a.  Zero depreciation Car Insurance or Bumper to Bumper Car Insurance: it promises comprehensive coverage without considering the depreciation of vehicle parts. If you make a claim using this, the insurer will cover the entire cost of the damage without deducting time based depreciation of parts

b.  Comprehensive insurance: comprehensive insurance provides complete coverage even if the fault lies with the rider or if the accident involved someone else’s fault. A comprehensive car insurance coverage does deduct the part depreciation and only pays out the post depreciated value of the parts

2.  Cashless Insurance Claim

Everyone now a day is looking forward to get their car insurance claim processed via the cashless mode. The cashless mode is a facility through which the customer only pays the amount which he / she owes. Any amount which the insurance provider owes is directly paid by the car insurance provider to the workshop directly. A workshop has to enroll for the cashless insurance claim facility and only once the insurance company has extended the cashless facility to the car workshop, can the workshop release the vehicle without processing the full due amount.

3.  Workshop facility: there are individual workshops that offer cashless insurance claim where the user will receive services such as accidental insurance, cashless insurance claim with the assistance of the manager, towing facility when needed, and help in completing hassle-free documentation procedure. On the other hand, if customers carry out insurance claim at workshops who do not possess the insurance claim facility, the customer has to make the payment in full and then claim the amount from their respective insurance provider.

It is important that while choosing the workshop to get the car insurance claim processed check the following:

  Whether the workshop has cashless insurance tie-up with the insurance that you have

  How much of time will they take to process documents and deliver the vehicle back

4.  Required Documents: the person who wishes to claim the insurance should possess the following documents –

a.  A valid car insurance

b.  Legally valid Driving License

c.  Vehicle RC i.e. registration certificate of the vehicle

d. Aadhar card

e. Pan Card

d.  In case where a police complaint of the accident is lodged, the FIR report is also required as part of the documents to be submitted

5.  The claim process:

a.  It starts with the individual filling the claim form along with the story of how the accident / damage happened

b.  The Claim form along with the documents mentioned above are submitted to the insurance company

c.  In the next step, the surveyor visits the workshop to inspect the damage of the vehicle.

d.  Based on the inspection, the surveyor provides the approval for the claim.

e.  The workshop will now proceed with the repairs and let the customer know of damages which are not covered by the insurance company. If required the customer can get those fixed at his / her own cost.

f.  After completing the car service / repair work, the workshop submits the car repair bills to the insurance company.

g.  The surveyor will carry the final inspection of the vehicle along with the documents filed by the workshop.

h.  After completion, the insurance company issues the discharge voucher which gives the workshop the right to deliver the vehicle to the customer

i.  The insurance company then take 30 – 45 days to pay the car workshop

Pitcrew Car Services provides cashless insurance claim facilities at its workshops. You can reach out to us at +91 9069006420 for more details.

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