Show Signs: Your Car need new tyres

Your Car need new tyres

At Pitcrew, we are all about honest car repairing. It gives our customers satisfaction and trust to keep your car moving safely. If you want get your car repair in Delhi and want to keep your car on its maintenance, we are ready for help.

As we talked about safety, one of the most important safety parts of your car is tyre. Since tyre is the only item which touch the floor which means all the bumps you get on the road can be saved by tyres.

The tyres are the only thing which has a grip of your car on the road to make sure they are in good conditions here are two reasons for the new tyres for your car.

tyre repair


The tread of tyre refers to the rubber on its circumference that makes the contact with the road. It also helps in removing and dispersing water between the tyre and the road surface to maintain good grip when the road is wet.

There are small bars of rubber in the tread which is also called tread wear indicators, which informs you whether your tyre is worn out or not. By any chance if your tyre is worn out, it has to be replaced immediately.


Get your car repair in Delhi and fix your tread problems as soon as possible because sometimes it creates the problem of steering or suspension which is not good for your car.

Driving at high speed

When you drive at high speed there are more chances of causing tyre damage than at low speeds. While driving at high speed, the tyre builds up more heat which causes tyre damage.

If tyres are not properly maintained, there would be a sudden tyre distruction and loss of air pressure in tyres.


If you see any damage in tyre, replace it with a spare one or you can repair your car in Delhi and have it checked by the professional.

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