Remember These Safety Tips When Driving in Fog

Driving in Fog

Driving in fog is thought to be the most unsafe climate threat, particularly in a case that it is outstandingly thick mist or joined with other dangerous climate conditions. Foggy conditions are the main source of vast multi vehicles heap up accidents. In any case, there are a few things you can do to diminish your danger of a crash.

So, if you are driving in fog always remember these safety tips:

•  Try not to Stop

Do not stop on highly traveled part of the road or a highway. In case your automobile slows down or entirely ceases, off your car’s lights and take your foot off of the brake pedal. Since individuals follow tail lights when driving in fog. Move far from other vehicles to avoid damage.

•  Be Seen


Always keep your headlights on while driving in fog. The daytime running lights aren’t sufficient in foggy conditions. If there are fog lights installed in your car utilize those as well. When driving in mist, it’s imperative to remain noticeable to others.

•  Back off

When you can’t see where you are going, don’t drive at fast speed. Utilize your speedometer as a manual to conduct your speed. Since thick haze veils the vibe of speed by evacuating visual indicators of speed.

•  Watch the Lines

It’s a smart thought to watch the lines out and follow them when driving in fog. This is an ideal approach to guarantee you remain in your lane. Drivers are commonly pulled in to lights, and intuitively, will steer near lights. So, it’s smarter to follow the lines to be sure you are driving on your path. Simply keep your eyes moving.

•  Maintenance

Utilize your wipers and screen wash when vital to keep your windscreen clear. Also, while driving in fog, clear condensation by putting the AC turned to hot.


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2 thoughts on “Remember These Safety Tips When Driving in Fog

  • Winter are still going on. And it is a very off condition for those who are behind the wheel and drives. As the temperature is low lots of fogs present in atmosphere.Driving in fog consider as most unsafe driving,as nothing is visible properly.So the tips while driving in this type of weather are. First of all maintenance,try not to stop, always switch on your light for the visibility for the shake of other drivers, always keep a back up, watch the lines as this an good approach to be ensure you are still remain in lane.

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