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This post details about the Pitcrew App referral program.

The current update of the Pitcrew App has a comprehensive referral program built in. The program’s objective is to reward customers who promote and refer the Pitcrew app to their network.

Referral Program Details:


Earn Rs. 100 in your Pitcrew Wallet when someone uses your referral code to download the Pitcrew Car Service App. The User downloading the app is rewarded with Rs. 100 Pitcrew Wallet balance.

So For Example Sachin and Vijay are two friends and Sachin has the Pitcrew App on his smartphone. Sachin refers Vijay to Pitcrew and Vijay uses the Referral code that Sachin has to download the App.

Sachin receives Rs. 100 in Pitcrew Wallet

Vijay receives Rs. 100 in Pitcrew Wallet


How to Use Pitcrew Wallet Balance:

Any Balance in Pitcrew Wallet is automatically applied as discount for the services availed at the time of App Checkout. Also note that a user can only use the wallet balance when making a booking through the App.


How to Refer friends from Pitcrew App:

Referring friends to Pitcrew is simple.

  1. Go to the Notifications section of the Pitcrew App
  2. Go to My Profile in the Notification Section
  3. You will see your unique referral code
  4. Share the referral code with your friends
  5. In the Notifications section, go to Refer
  6. Options will pop up to choose the App through which you would want to refer
  7. Select the App and type your message
  8. There you go!
Refer Button

Refer Button

My Profile & Referral Code

My Profile & Referral Code

Refer friends via Other Apps

Refer friends via Other Apps


Limits and Restrictions

There are no limits to earning Pitcrew wallet money. You can earn as much as you can. There are some restrictions in terms of redeeming Pitcrew wallet money. Wallet Money can only be redeemed through the Pitcrew Mobile App. Maximum redemption limits are set based on total cart value. The redemption slabs are:

  1. No Wallet Money can be used for Cart Value below Rs. 1000
  2. Up to Rs. 50 Wallet Money can be redeemed for Cart Value between Rs. 1,001- Rs. 2,500
  3. Up to Rs. 100 Wallet Money can be redeemed for Cart Value between Rs. 2,501 – Rs. 3,450
  4. Up to Rs. 200 Wallet Money can be redeemed for Cart Value between Rs. 3,451 – Rs. 5,999
  5. Up to Rs. 300 Wallet Money can be redeemed for Cart Value above Rs. 5,999

In case the user has any additional Coupon Codes which are applied, the above limits apply for the overall discount as well.

Coupon discounts always take a priority over the Pitcrew wallet balance so that the customer gets maximum value and savings still keeping money in tact in the wallet.

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