Car not Starting in Heavy Rain? Know the Reasons

Car not starting in Heavy Rain

There are multiple reasons for a car not starting in heavy rain, some fundamental problems arise at the time of rain which often causes the car troubles as listed below.

Here is a quick list of 6 things which needs to be checked in case you feel “everytime it rains my car won’t start”:

•   Electrical Systems

•   Rubber Fitments around doors & windshield

•   Under Body Coating / Rusted Under Body

•   Battery Cells & Terminals


•   Engine Failure

In the event that you ended up driving through a somewhat flooded region amid the rains, your car could go through damage. Usually, what occurs in the engine or other parts can go unnoticed and that can lead to a huge repair bill. Your car won’t start after driving in heavy rain is an issue which becomes common as the vehicle turns old.

Here are those problems which can result in car not starting in heavy rain:

Electrical systems

When the rubber embellishment around your doors, windshield, and the automobile aren’t fit, water can leak in and lead to huge issues. It could take two or three months before your electrical systems begin breaking down or you could surge your engine and experience issues promptly. Ensuring that the rubber fitments around doors and windshields are not soggy and intact is the first step to ensure that you will not worry about car won’t start after driving in heavy rain type issues

Body Coating

While your automobile body is sufficiently examined to stand every misfortune, including downpours which can rust your car. Still, these are the times when an extra body covering will help more. These coatings incorporate an anti-rust coating, under body, or a paint protective coat for the car body. You can have the coating service from the approved showroom like Pitcrew, after buying a vehicle or later whenever required. Under body generally gets contacted with water after a heavy downpour. Rusting becomes a common issue in old cars. Keeping the under body coated with anti rust coating significantly reduces concerns that people face around car wont start after rain flood.

Battery cells and terminals

Battery cells end up frail and couldn’t have the capacity to give enough current to self-starter, to circle the rotation of engine allowing your vehicle to begin.

Additionally, battery terminals fail or hold a lot of corrosion on it during rain. The absolute basis for the current not passing easily from the battery to the engine and to from the generator to the battery to charge the battery. Due to this, your car wont start after driving in heavy rain.


Wires in old cars are exposed to danger if they’re not replaced or fixed timely and sometimes these problems are the principal reason for an electrical short circuit in your car. Thus, you’ll notice your car not starting after heavy rainfall.

Engine failure

When you drive by floodwaters you risk failing your engine. You should shut off the engine and let your car towed instead of driving through water.

Car not starting in heavy rain can be a big dent in the pocket. Keep your car safe and protected in the rainy season. Visit a Pitcrew car service station for regular pre monsoon checkups.

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