7 Most Common Car Problems

Most Common Car Problems

Car owners will undoubtedly keep running into the issues due to wear and tear. There are a few vehicle issues out there that leads to delays in reach the destination. Broken parts are effectively changed, however regularly doing such because of the absence of proper maintenance can be expensive.

Car Problems
Here is the list of seven of the most common car problems:

1.  Punctured Tyre: When the Tyre punctures, your vehicle tilts, and there is an uproarious pounding noise. Everybody ought to have the capacity to settle a punctured Tyre and the odds are you do know how to settle this regular auto issue.

Punctured Tyre

2.  Alternator: In case that you have issues with your alternator, your car won’t have the capacity to start or stops amidst the road. Indications of a faulty alternator incorporate strange rattling from the engine, frequent battery issue, and electrical faults. Alternator plays the role to charge the battery continuously. In case of a faulty alternator, you will continue to face car issues unless the alternator is repaired or replaced.

3.  Clutch: As the mileage piles on, the slipping or worn out clutch is one the most common car problems. A failure in the clutch system can result in major hassles resulting in full breakdown. Additionally, a worn-out clutch if used continuously results in damaging the flywheel which is way more expensive than the clutch itself.


4.  Airflow sensor: The sensor measures the quantity of air provided to the engine, which decides how much fuel ought to be conveyed. When it fails, it can lead to lost energy to the vehicle, a reduction in mileage and surges amid accelerating.

5.  Battery: You’ll certainly know your battery is dead when your automobile simply won’t start. Preparing for such circumstance is a smart decision, to keep an extra pair of jump leads in your vehicle.

6.  Spark plugs: Among the most common car problems is worn or broken spark plugs. Not exclusively do these lessen the mileage of your car, they can likewise stop you from starting up. Take your vehicle to your nearby car repair shop to get them checked.

7.  Brakes: There’s a squeaking or grinding noise when brakes are failing. The brake noise can be because of worn out brake pads, but if left unattended they have the capability to damage the brake discs which does cost a bomb to replace. Take the car to a technician instantly to prevent harsh accidents or high subsequent costs.

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