15 Essential Things to Keep in Your Car

Essential Things

The concern of staying safe on the open road means having the correct tools in the car. In view of that, equip your car with these 15 car essentials list.

Here is the quick guide of 15 car essentials list:

•    Jumper cables

•    First Aid kit

•    Fully Inflated Spare Tyre

•    Portable car battery starter

•    Distilled water

•    Tow rope

•    Duct tape

•    Flashlight

•    Shovel

•    Hammer

•    Fire Extinguisher

•    Car Jack and Wrenches

•    Air Pump

•    Phone Charger

•    Car Documents

Car nuisance is unforeseen. Nobody can really tell what time, area or climate conditions will lead you to stick in the middle of the destination. To keep a sense of solace and security out and about, there are sure things to keep in your vehicle, both in the glove compartment and in an emergency safety kit in the trunk.

1.  Jumper cables: Dead Batteries are a reality of life. A car battery older than 5 years can go dead without any reason. It is always advisable to keep a set of Jumper Cables handy in your car for the eventuality

2.  First Aid kit: You need a first aid kit for lessening damage or for minor wounds until emergency assistance arrives.

3.  Fully Inflated Spare Tyre: Always keep an inflated spare tyre in your car’s trunk, you never know when you might need one. Also, ensure to keep the jack and lug wrench alongor you won’t be able to do much in case of a punctured tyre.

4.  Portable car battery starter: Compact enough, this battery can be stored in your glove box. It can jump-start your car effectively. Also, it can be used to charge your devices like smartphones, tablets cameras, etc.

5.  Distilled water: To keep yourself hydrated if stranded on the road as well as if your vehicle overheats, you can use it to cool your engine.

6.  Tow rope: In case your car gets stuck, tow rope will support in recovering it.

7.  Duct tape: Duct tape stored in gloves compartment has countless purposes on a car. A broken rear-view mirror or a torn seat, fix them with duct tape.

8.  Flashlight: To signal someone if you met with an accident at the night time, to ask for assistance. It’ll also help to change a tyre in darkness

9.  Shovel: Keep a collapsible or small shovel in your trunk. If your car stuck in snow it’ll help to clear a route to drive.

10.  Hammer: Keep a portable hammer handy in the car. This may come in use in case of electrical issue due to which doors / windows may get jammed

11.  Fire Extinguisher: A portable fire extinguisher may be handy if there are any fire in car due to electrical short circuits

12.  Car Jack and Wrenches: This is essential and is normally part of the vehicle equipment. Ensure they are always available. This helps in case of a flat car tyre

13.  Air Pump: In case of a long distance trip, an air pump comes in handy if the tyre pressure is low

14.  Phone Charger: keep a phone charger socket which can get plugged in the car. This can help in case your car gets stuck or the trip is long

15.  Car Documents: Ensure that you have all the car documents handy, an RC, car insurance and driving license

Some other important items which you can keep in your car always include are – Umbrella, Foldable Emergency Warning Triangle with Reflector, Tool Box

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